The Lone Ranger Wellness Net
We're Hams Helping Hams!



Here's who makes this all happen!

Our staff and helpers:
Co-Founders: Bill/N4WBC (SK)
                              Charlie/AD4F (SK)
Fearless Leader: Jeff/AA4JG
WebMaster & NCO: Bill/K4FLH

Our Net Controllers:
Sundays: Corey/W4ZHA
Mondays: Bill/K4FLH
Tuesdays: Betsy/KE4RP
Wednesday: Jeff/KM4RAA
Thursdays: Terry/KM4DPS
Fridays: Mhenly/KN4MEF
Saturdays: Jim/KO4MKP

Stand-by NCOs: Jeff/AA4JG, Maggie/N4CFS, Warren WA4BAK


Congratulations to the following hams for passing their Tech or upgrade exam.

On March 2 the following passed their exams.....
New Tech Anthony Gamb and Robert Collins who also passed his General!
Daniel Andrews KQ4FYP, Tech to General
Mark Estrabrook KO4GQV, General to Extra


Our Supporters

Thanks to the following for their support:

Jim Gifford @ Chatt Radio formerly KM4MPF Sales 
Chatt Radio

C.T. Morgan and Associates
C T Morgan & Assoc 

Lookout Mountain Amateur Radio Community
 Lookout Mtn Amateur Radio Community – Home of the N4LMC Systems and the SouthEastLink Reflectors, Rooms and Talkgroups                                                     

Tri State ARC
Tri-States Amateur Radio Club –  – Walker County, NW GA 

Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club
- Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club.


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